• How many households can I call?

    We can dial hundreds of thousands of targeted phones for a given event.  However, for the sake of managing live participants and completing the outbound dial in a timely manner, we recommend keeping calls under 75,000 targeted phones.  TTHM has experience producing events ranging from 1,000 to 350,000 outbound dials, and we always customize each outreach campaign to fit the unique situations and goals of our clients.

  • What do you charge for a Teletownhall production?

    TTHM only charges for successful connections – a Live Answer or a Voicemail left – and our pricing is scaled based on the total connections made during our dialout.  There is also an optional cost for using a toll-free, ten-digit Inbound Participant Line that is dedicated to your event.  We can leave that inbound line on voicemails delivered during dialout so that your target audience can join manually.

    TTHM can also employ complimentary technologies that promote your event, expand your audience and enhance the live participant experience.  Due to the considerable number of options available, we recommending that you Contact Us for a quote based on your specific outreach needs.