Effective Peer-to-Peer P2P Texting Campaigns

by | Jul 31, 2021 | Compliance, Text Alerts, TTHM Toolbox

What makes an effective peer-to-peer texting campaign?

You probably already know what P2P Text Alerts are, who uses text alerts, how peer-to-peer texting works, and the difference between SMS and MMS.  If not, click this link for the answers and to see examples and pricing.  If you’re wondering about Setup and Reply Management, this post covers how Team TTHM manages every text from send to replies to reporting.

An effective peer-to-peer texting campaign is based on your message content and the way in which you present it to your audience.  TTHM assists with script-writing as well, helping you craft the Initial Message along with drafting Replies that we can use to manage a variety of text interactions with your audience.

Is peer-to-peer texting effective? 

90-95% of texts are opened in the first five minutes.  Emails are either opened or deleted within 80 hours, but many are deleted quickly if they’re not optimized for mobile or not from a recognized source.  Notice the big difference in reply time.  In 80 hours we can start and finish a lengthy text interaction with your audience using P2P Text Alerts.

Calls are typically not answered unless the caller recognizes the number or is expecting a call, but texts are almost always read.  Concerns you may have about the legality, security, and compliance of sending P2P texts are very much valid, but we manage that aspect of your text campaign as well.  Learn how TTHM uses peer-to-peer texting technology in a trusted and compliant format.

Writing your campaign – we can help!

When deciding on whether to use SMS or MMS, first think about the reason and tone for your message: is it conversational or informative?  Friendly or authoritative?  No matter what route you take, make sure your messaging is authentic.  If you get stuck on how to word your peer-to-peer texting campaign, contact us and we can help build your engaging Text Alert along with customized replies.  We can also help you decide if it is worth upgrading to MMS.

Why use P2P Texting?

Other than the instant delivery and read benefit of peer-to-peer Text Alerts, there is the issue of trust.  Each message is sent peer-to-peer by TTHM operators using the Teletownhall texting system.  TTHM and Teletownhall have worked diligently to remain compliant and build trust with mobile carriers so that they deliver your message reliably instead of tagging it as potential SPAM.  TTHM always includes mandatory opt-out language in each initial text, and has included that language for two years – long before it was required by mobile carriers.

Our team also manages replies that come from recipients of the initial text message and responds effectively to each one.  Your messages are sent from a local phone number that is more easily recognizable as trustworthy.  And our analytics will show you each message sent, responses received, and replies used to manage recipient responses.

TTHM is also happy to discuss the capabilities of MMS over SMS, authenticity, linking, regulations, and when to use SMS.  Any text campaign worth doing is worth doing right.

MMS > SMS (usually)

Do not be limited to SMS texting!

Many P2P text vendors only offer simple segmented SMS messages where you are charged for each 160-character segment of text.  TTHM offers MMS where your message is only limited by file size.

Your message can include full native links (shortened URL’s create trust issues) that direct message recipients to your website, polls, action items and opt-in opportunities.  We have several media options available to add to your peer-to-peer MMS texts such as: pictures, files, emojis, short audio clips and gifs.

Additions to your P2P Texting campaign

Other methods of outreach we provide like teletownhalls, print and mailing services, and voice broadcasts are even more productive with a Text Alert to amplify them.  Invite your audience to attend your webinar integrated tele-townhall with a personalized peer-to-peer Text Alert and watch the number of attendees rise!

Teletownhall participants who opt-in via text or from our complimentary Web Registration Pages are almost always our most engaged audience members.  Do all these options sound daunting?  Let us know what you are trying to accomplish and we will find the solutions that fit best.

Contact us today!

When you are ready to reach your potential customers, constituents, advocates, and members, reach out to TTHM to get your effective P2P texting campaign started!