A Solution to Manage Medicare Retention and Sales Meetings During the COVID-19 Pandemic

by | Sep 4, 2020 | Health Care

COVID-19 has disrupted and in many cases shut down the ability of health insurance providers to hold much needed sales and retention meetings for Medicare.  Traditional group gatherings have been canceled since the middle of last March and there is no sign of them returning soon. With the Medicare open enrollment period looming, health insurance providers are scrambling to find effective ways to communicate with their members. 

Telephone Town Hall Meeting  (TTHM.COM) has created a solution to this challenge. 

Telephone Town Hall Meetings allow you to effectively transition from the traditional in-person Medicare sales meetings to a live virtual meeting that enables you to share key information, interact with attendees to answer direct questions, educate your audience on the features and benefits of a given plan, and most notably leads to higher member retention. 

Telephone Town Hall Meeting provides an economically efficient means to communicate with large targeted groups of your members, helping them to get the most from their health care benefits.  This method of outreach is especially effective for seniors who are on Medicare plans that might struggle to understand all their benefits.

To date, we have already developed and successfully managed the use of Telephone Town Hall Meetings for Medicare retention and sales calls for health insurers during the Pandemic.  These companies have seen large numbers of attentive participants on these calls in a time when in-person sales presentations are not allowed. 

How Does a Telephone Town Hall Meeting Work?

TTHM dials tens of thousands of targeted members of a specific health plan within a given region.  When the phone is answered by your member they are automatically placed into the virtual meeting.  There is no need for your members to remember to call a certain number at a certain time or to use a PIN or even have access to a computer or broadband.  This is all done over your members phone.

Once on the call, a TTHM moderator will instruct participants on how to submit questions while on the live call.  After your primary speaker has been introduced and provided a brief presentation, live questions, that are screened and selected by you can be taken.

This live Q&A-driven format leaves members feeling more connected to your organization, and focused dialogue helps them to understand all aspects of their coverage in-depth. Instead of trying to comprehend lengthy documentation about benefits, Teletownhall participants can listen and learn about each benefit with the assistance of your experts.

Each question processed by our screening staff is logged for reporting, so that your customer support team can reach out to ensure that questions not taken during the live forum are answered independently.

TTHM also provides you with a Spanish Simulcast option, the ability for your members to leave voicemail messages that your support staff can respond to post-call, and we offer a polling feature that can provide invaluable information on your members, or to have a member self-select for follow-up or available programs.

“Meeting people where they are,” is a common communications strategy.  During a Pandemic, meeting them where they are requires flexibility, innovation and a creative solution to communicate effectively.   That is what TTHM.COM helps you accomplish.  Medicare open enrollment is just around the corner.  Contact TTHM.COM today to schedule a demo and learn more about this proven solution.  Your sales and retention numbers will thank you!