General Testimonials

We have experience producing teletownhalls for a wide range of clients across North America. Listen to messages left by participants after municipal, political, transit and public service teletownhalls.

Learned So Much

Very Helpful

Met My Needs

Los Angeles, CA

Honolulu, HI

Arlington, TX

Arvada, CO

Poughkeepsie, NY

Streamwood, IL

Spokane, WA

Prescott, AZ

Plymouth, NH

Edmonton, AB

Tampa, FL

Great Forum

Wonderful Way of Doing Business

Look Forward to Next Time

Opportunity to Listen to Questions

Glad You’re Doing It

Tremendous Information

Got My Answers

Testimonials from Communities

Check out testimonials from Telephone Town Hall Meeting participants across the US & Canada!

Broomfield, CO

County Commish West

Arlington, VA

Dallas, TX

Guelph, ON

Westminster, CO

Vancouver, BC

Community Association

Dallas District 14

County Commish East

Los Angeles, CA

Frisco, TX

Longmont, CO

Medicine Hat, AB

Tampa, FL

Detroit, MI

Palm Bay, FL

Spokane, WA

Testimonials from Associations and Advocacy Organizations

Advocacy Organizations, Membership Organizations, Utility Cooperatives and Professional Associations have all used teletownhalls to reach out, educate and gain insight. Listen to participant feedback following a wide range of association and advocacy teletownhalls.

Colorado Dept. of Human Services

Logan County Electric Coop

Colorado Springs Utilities

High West Energy

Yes on Amendment 68

Educational Equity

American Veterans Center

Kaiser Permanente Customer Care

Save Our Medivac Alberta

Care About Coop Members

American Wind Energy Association

Canadian Taxpayers Federation

New Hampshire Electric Coop

Rappahannock Electric Coop

Powder River Electric Coop

Educational Coop Call

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