Data Collection & Transfers

Implementing STIR/SHAKEN telecoms protocols has been a long time coming. Is your phone outreach compliant with the new STIR/SHAKEN system?

In-Event Data Collection & Transfers

Let us know what participant data we can collect for you!

We can also redirect participants to a targeted phone or call center of your choice with a single key press.

Our Call Center Connect feature allows participants to press a key on their phone during the live forum to be transferred to a targeted 10-digit phone number. Use this capability for additional data collection, advanced support options, accepting donations, or encouraging targeted advocacy.

TTHM can create up to two transfers for each event, in addition to providing in-event data collection and question screening services. Transfers can target customer support, legislative offices, advocacy opportunities or a critical resource. Use the Telephone Town Hall forum to educate your audience, then use the transfer feature to allow interested participants to patch to targeted phones.

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