Event Add-Ons

Add-On Options for Teletownhall Events

This service is complimentary for clients scheduling Teletownhalls through TTHM.

Data Collectors gather opt-ins from participants for email or text updates. Participants are briefly taken from the live forum into a collection queue that allows us to gather opt-ins for your email or mobile phone outreach.

TTHM Operators can also use the Collection Queue to provide simple support to listeners like repeating phone numbers, websites and instructions. Each event workflow is customized to meet the needs of our clients.

Telephone Town Hall Meeting can provide a complete bilingual event staff.

Give your participants the option to listen to a live Spanish translation of your event. This simultaneous broadcast still allows Spanish-speaking participants to submit questions and vote in polls. This service does not require any client staff to speak or write in Spanish.

TTHM can combine a webinar event with a tele-townhall forum to create a unified audience.

Those participants that you can expect to show up on-time in a more technically advanced webinar setting can join your Webinar. You can invite potential participants to your own Webinar, or TTHM can create a Zoom Webinar event and provide you with invite information to distribute.

Combine web simulcasting with aggressive social network marketing of your multi-platform town hall event. We can also play video, audio and powerpoint presentations for your virtual town hall audience.

Directly connect your teletownhall audience to the offices of targeted legislators or organizations. Activate your strongest advocates by providing key information, then patching them to targeted legislators or leadership.

Use this patchthrough feature during a live Telephone Town Hall Meeting to turn your audience into instant activists, or initiate a transfer by launching a targeted robocall encouraging call recipients to take action.

Patches can also be used to transfer forum attendees to targeted call centers or support teams. TTHM can offer up to two transfers during a given event. You can even assign a Transfer Number field in the dialing data you send us for outreach to your membership audience so that each participant transfers to the support number noted in your database.

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