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Telephone Town Hall Meeting (TTHM) offers a suite of full-service mass-outreach tools to meet your communication goals.

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Using targeted data and a highly experienced production team, we have provided mass-outreach services for the following client types (and more)…

TTHM builds bridges between our clients and their target audience.

Does your audience prefer to be reached by phone, text, mail or webinar? We do it all.

Does part of your audience need to be reached in their native language? TTHM can connect you.

From the TTHM Tech Blog

Ops View: Providing Critical Information During the Pandemic

Ops View: Providing Critical Information During the Pandemic

During the community shutdowns, our municipal and health care clients needed to distribute critical information in a timely fashion with no ability to meet in person. The public was able to easily tune in to a Teletownhall about what requirements were being introduced or changed in their town, so they knew whether or not they could go out and what requirements were in place for public spaces. Our health care forums with Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries reviewed how to safely navigate the pandemic while minimizing personal and communal risk of infection.

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