Teletownhalls by TTHM

How does a Teletownhall work?

Do you need to reach a large target audience in an interactive forum format?  At Telephone Town Hall Meeting (TTHM) we create unique virtual forums over the phone/web.  Dynamic, direct, interactive mass-communications.

Each Teletownhall is customized and professionally managed by our experienced staff.  TTHM provides Moderation, Screening and Data Collection services for every event.  We make it easy for your featured speakers to focus on delivering strong messaging and answering live questions.

Targeted participants are called with a recorded message explaining the purpose and format of the forum, then they join automatically. Listeners learn about featured content, engage in live Q&A, and vote in real-time polls.

We have also added powerful add-ons to our tele-townhall events so that our clients can maximize engagement.  Our Webinar Integration leverages a technology that has become more comfortable for motivated and tech-savvy participants.  Meanwhile, our push-dialout brings thousands of targeted casual participants by calling them directly and encouraging them to stay on the line to join automatically.

TTHM works with clients to pre-register participants using a complimentary web registration page.  Most of our clients also encourage event registration by sending P2P Text Alert opt-in requests to targeted mobile phones.  We can help you source dialing/texting data based on demographic, geography, etc.

TTHM assists with event setup, manages the live production, and provides rich reporting for each forum.  Our suite of additional services expands the scope and impact of your teletownhall outreach.  That includes Webcasting and a Spanish Simulcast option.

The TTHM Toolbox includes a host of other powerful technologies that can be combined with Tele-TownHalls, or used as stand-alone outreach services.

Basic Service Package

Base Dialout

We initiate a dialout to a targeted phone list at the start of your forum. Those who answer join automatically. A TTHM moderator manages event initiation before handing over to featured speaker(s).

Complimentary Web Registration Page

TTHM works with each client to create a web registration page to complement each targeted dialout. You can circulate your registration page to generate a VIP dialing list of engaged participants. Most web registrants are mobile users. TTHM provides a URL and optional embed code to help distribute your registration page.

Real-Time Polling

Our moderator can use the in-event polling feature to gather broad feedback, run demographic polls, or allow participants to tag themselves for ongoing outreach.

Full TTHM Event Staff

TTHM provides experienced moderators, question screeners & data collectors for each teletownhall event. Our moderators and screeners facilitate Q&A with live participants while collectors gather opt-ins for your email/text updates. Every time you add another participation option like Webinar Integration, TTHM adds more staff to help manage your event. Let our professionals help expand your virtual broadcas.

Interactive Q&A

Questions are submitted throughout the forum by live participants. TTHM staff provides screening services while our moderator manages the live event flow.

Q&A is controlled by the teletownhall moderator to ensure a productive forum, and to allow our clients’ featured speakers to focus on delivering quality content.

We also encourage clients to provide a handful of written questions. Our moderator can introduce these questions to help focus the discussion on ideal topics, and to make sure that specific information is delivered through Q&A.

In-Event Opt-In Collection

Our moderator and/or your featured speakers can ask participants to opt-in for ongoing outreach via email, text, etc. Our data collectors interface directly with participants that choose to opt-in to ensure that collected data is accurate and actionable.

Rich Reporting

Our expansive reporting package includes participation charts, detailed stats, poll results, submitted questions, participant voicemails, and a quality recording of the entire teletownhall forum.

Optional Services

Spanish Simulcast*

Give your inbound participants the option to listen to a live Spanish translation of the teletownhall forum. This simultaneous broadcast allows Spanish-speaking participants to listen in, submit questions to bilingual operators, and vote in polls.  TTHM now offers Alternate Language Simulcasts in more than a dozen different languages.

Contact Us to discuss options for reaching out with language preference in mind.

*Spanish Simulcasts do not require any client staff to speak or write in Spanish.

Web Simulcast**

Use a Web Simulcast to broadcast your teletownhall to an additional virtual audience. Online participants can submit questions by typing into their web-based control panel.

Combine web registration and web simulcasting with aggressive social network marketing of your multi-platform town hall event to develop

**Add a slide presentation to your webcast to provide additional content for web users or move to a full Webinar Integration to deliver substantial multimedia content to participants.

P2P Text Alert Opt-Ins***

We frame our opt-in requests so that positive respondents can simply reply ‘YES’ to be added to your teletownhall dialouts in the future.

TTHM staff sends an initial text message plus scripted follow-up messages to targeted mobile phones. Message recipients can opt-in for upcoming events, opt-out of future contact, ask for more information, or be directed to a specific web page.

***Clients who use Text Alerts to promote their teletownhalls build an expanding list of mobile users that are dialed first for each forum. These participants are self-selected so they submit more questions, vote in more polls, and stay on the phone longer.


Getting Started

Most events last for an hour, but TTHM can accommodate longer/larger forums. Teletownhall tech can handle outbound dials of hundreds of thousands of phones.

We can provide a cost estimate based on the likely size/length of your prospective event plus any optional services.

Contact Us for a free virtual demo of our Teletownhall/Webinar events, or to discuss how the TTHM digital outreach toolbox can meet your specific communications needs.

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