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Teletownhalls can replace in-person/on-location annual meetings at a fraction of the cost.

How does a Health Care/Medicare/Medicaid Teletownhall work?

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How do Telephone Town Halls increase Medicare Advantage sales and member retention?

Telephone Town Hall Meetings allow you to effectively transition from the traditional in-person Medicare sales, education and retention meetings to a live virtual meeting with larger attendance. TTHM event management enables client presenters to focus on sharing key information, interacting with attendees, answering questions, and educating the audience on the features and benefits of a given plan. Our goal is to help educate and retain Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries.

Telephone Town Hall Meeting provides an economically efficient means to communicate with large targeted groups of your members, helping them get the most from their health care benefits. This method of outreach is especially effective for Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries who benefit from a detailed verbal walk-through of benefits, and appreciate the opportunity to have their questions fielded by live operators and knowledgeable experts.

Events reaching Medicare Advantage beneficiaries typically take place during the day to reach the largest audience possible. We can use P2P Text Alerts to deliver event notifications for an upcoming forum with existing members and deliver links to benefit information. P2P texts can also be used to invite prospective members to in-person meetings and other virtual forums that introduce Medicare/Medicaid beneficiaries to the plan options available to them. Learn more about the work we have done in the health care space on our blog.

View a Sample Medicare Beneficiary Teletownhall Forum

Telephone Town Hall Meetings have been used to onboard, educate and retain hundreds of thousands of Medicare Advantage beneficiaries. This mock event walks through a general Teletownhall production process and showcases the tools we use to manage our virtual forums.

Clients work with us to deliver accurate information to large groups of beneficiaries while giving a personal touch for individual members with questions or concerns. Our operators triage basic issues, and we usually offer transfers to client member support teams to ensure each member gets the help they need.

Reach out for a TTHM Demo to discuss how we can customize our live virtual forums to accomplish your specific goals.

Educate Pensioners, Beneficiaries & Retirees with Live Virtual Forums

Educate Pensioners and other retired beneficiaries with teletownhall virtual forums

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