Enhance your telephone town hall meeting with web registration! TTHM offers a free web registration page to preregister and collect data from participants in your tele town hall.

Web Registration

Web Registration Page

Many of our most active and engaged Teletownhall participants come from Web Registration. Which is why we have offered complimentary web registration with every Telephone Town Hall Meeting since 2015.

Your registration page can optionally collect emails, mobile phones, mailing addresses or demographic information as well. You can also use this registration page to promote any of your other upcoming events or activities. Clients who have TTHM maintain their web registration page for years have built lists of thousands of VIP Web Registrants that we dial for all their Teletownhalls.

Link shortening services like bitly have been so abused by spammers and scammers that it can hurt your text delivery rate just and decrease trust in your messaging just to use them. For that reason, TTHM offers link redirection from our website to your Web Registration Page so that you can more easily promote it in texts, emails, social feeds, etc. Here’s an example of a TTHM redirect to our Techletter registration page: https://tthm.com/contact-us/#register

If you need TTHM to create an easy redirect for your Web Registration Page, let us know and we are happy to do it.

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