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Why use a full-service vendor for Telephone Town Hall outreach?

Are your Teletownhall calls and peer-to-peer texts being delivered?

Most Teletownhall and P2P text vendors working in the political space do the bare minimum to deliver client messaging.  Campaigns and Legislative Offices may not even be aware that their messages are being caught up in SPAM filters.

What options do active campaigns and legislators have for reaching voters?

What is a Telephone Town Hall Call?

Imagine running your own talk radio show exclusively to an audience of your choosing, who remain in the safety of their own homes, where you can have a live and interactive dialogue with the ability to deliver key information, take questions, and collect data points such as emails.

With Telephone Town Hall Meetings, we make the process easy by hosting and managing the call for you, so all you need to worry about is the message you want to deliver!

 Our Industry-Leading Telephone Town Hall Call Capabilities

  • Unlimited calling capacity
  • A digital sign up page to advertise and boost attendance
  • Virtual Staff to screen questions for live Q & A
  • Ability to run a Simulcast in Spanish, Vietnamese, Mandarin, and Cantonese to name a few
  • Live survey questions with instant results
  • Email collection capability
  • Detailed reporting package including a full conference recording
  • Toll-free phone number so participants can join the event manually

Benefits of Telephone Town Halls

  • Direct interaction and engagement with your constituents
  • Multiple options for joining: including by web, telephone and auto-dial
  • Effective tool for delivering emerging facts and information without the filter of the media

What is Peer to Peer (P2P) Texting?

TTHM’s Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Texting has the highest read and response rates of any digital outreach. allows Telephone Town Hall Meeting (TTHM) to send thousands of scripted text messages an hour to your target audience.

P2P Text Alerts do not require recipients to opt-in because all texts are sent manually, one-at-a-time by members of the TTHM staff. We also manage replies to ensure a complete interaction.

Benefits of Peer to Peer Texting

  • Most read form of outreach, beating out email, with a 98.5% open rate
  • Interact directly with constituents through reply management
  • MMS (multimedia messages) available which all ow for personalized images & GIFs

What is Mobile Direct Dialing?

Mobile Direct Dialing offers the ability to invite an enormous audience to your live event by dialing mobile phones directly along with landlines and text/web opt-ins.

This mobile dialout takes place during the general Teletownhall dialout to landlines and opt-ins, and TTHM can help source data targeting a specific audience based on location or a variety of demographic details. That means adding a large target audience to your outbound Teletownhall call across any mix of landline and mobile phones.

Benefits of Mobile Direct Dialing

  • Mobile Direct Dialing does not require an opt-in from recipient phones
  • Connect with mobile-only households as landline phones are phased out
  • Dramatically expand your outbound dialing universe for Teletownhalls, Polls & Voice Broadcasts

TTHM’s creates custom print products ranging from pamphlets to mailers and custom print products. Our experience with USPS guidelines helps us ensure that mailings are successful every time, within the timeframe you need and budget you can afford.

We’ve managed mailings on every scale, from local neighborhood lists to multi-million recipient campaigns.

Benefits of Print & Direct Mail

  • Supports messages deployed through digital, telephone and other outreach messages
  • Allows constituents to have something tangible to keep in their homes or offices
  • Creates name recognition and positive brand association, if the pieces are well-crafted

What Are Voice Broadcasts?

Voice Broadcasts, sometimes called Robocalls or Phone Blasts, can deliver crucial information when well-produced and delivered effectively. Decades of experience with this outreach method make us a great choice to conduct your robocalls. As with our telephone town halls, we manage the details so you don’t have to. From script-writing to execution – TTHM produces a quality voice broadcast every time.

Benefits of Voice Broadcasts

  • Allows you to pre-script and pre-record your message for ultimate quality and message control
  • Rapid turnaround for urgent and emergency messages

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