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Caller ID Clearance

Achieving Successful Mass-Dialout Delivery in the Wild West

The telecoms industry has been a little like the Wild West in recent years.

SPAM calls abound and mobile carriers have responded by developing independent Disallow Lists. There is no central SPAM database or Allowlist database to counter this decentralized approach to disallowing calls on carrier networks. Instead, we see a posse of independent SPAM filters and databases policing calls. That means mass-outreach can get blocked across major mobile networks if it is not done correctly.

TTHM already complies with STIR/SHAKEN protocols for registering outbound calls on behalf of clients. This has improved delivery rate and reliability, and we consider this method for registering legitimate traffic a boon to the industry. But with each carrier managing its own process for Allowlisting and creating its own SPAM databases – often through third party vendors – we still sometimes see legit calls restricted by mobile networks.

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Caller ID Clearance by TTHM

Telephone Town Hall Meeting has developed a method for manually clearing client Caller IDs across major mobile networks using protocols established by each carrier and/or their SPAM database manager. The process is labor-intensive but has proven to dramatically decrease SPAM tags for our highest volume clients.

The Caller ID Clearance process requires the client to identify a contact that can prove ownership of the phone number being used for Caller ID. Then TTHM works to register the Caller ID phone with each of the different entities managing SPAM filters in the US and Canada. Completion of the Allowlisting process can take ten days or more, so it is important to begin the clearance process in advance of planned mass-outreach.

CALLER ID CLEARANCE COST: $950/phone number
(Expect at least 10 days for completion and percolation of Allowlisting.)

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Into the Future of Call Compliance

TTHM updates its protocols for successfully delivering client messaging as often as is necessary, and recently multiple times each year. Because there are so many bad actors abusing the telecoms network with SPAM and Scam calls, those of us delivering legit messaging have to work twice as hard to navigate the restrictions imposed on outreach. At TTHM we roll with the punches though, so our goal is to work within the ever-changing government and carrier compliance frameworks to exceed the delivery rates of our competitors.

The telecoms industry will likely increasingly rely on registration of phone traffic to ensure its validity. From STIR/SHAKEN to 10DLC and Caller ID Clearance to simple best practices for orchestrating large-scale call and text outreach, Telephone Town Hall Meeting is dedicated to delivering client messages.
Check out our Tech Blog to learn more about how TTHM navigates the telecoms wilds.

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