Caller ID Clearance & Name ID

Achieving Successful Mass-Dialout Delivery in the Wild West

The telecoms industry has been a little like the Wild West in recent years. SPAM/Scam calls abound and mobile carriers have responded by developing independent Allow/Disallow Lists. There is no central SPAM database. Instead, we have a posse of independent filters and internal databases determining both Name ID display and SPAM tags. That means mass-outreach can get mislabeled or blocked across major networks.

Caller ID Clearance by TTHM

Telephone Town Hall Meeting has developed a method for manually clearing client Caller IDs across major phone networks using protocols established by each carrier and their vendors. The process is labor-intensive but has proven to drastically decrease SPAM tags for even our highest volume clients. TTHM works to register your Caller ID phone with each of the different entities responsible for Allowlisting and Name ID. Completion of the Allowlisting/Name ID process can take ten days or more, so it is important to begin the clearance process in advance of planned mass-outreach.

ALLOWLISTING + NAME ID COST: $450/ Caller ID Phone Number
Download our TTHM Caller ID Clearance Form and return it to us to get started.
(Expect at least 10 days for completion and percolation of Allowlisting/Name ID.)

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