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How TTHM uses the power of P2P Text Alerts

How do Coops & Corps use virtual forums?

Corporations can create a similar virtual forum environment, where employees and stakeholders are called at the time of the event and simply answer to join live. TTHM provides setup assistance to structure the event according to a developed agenda, then we produce the forum along that timeline. Our Moderators and Operators work to make sure that all outreach goals are achieved within each customized production.

How do Membership and Professional Associations use virtual forums?

Professional Associations and Membership Associations use our Teletownhall events in much the same way that corporate and cooperative clients do. However, there are some Event Add-Ons that are more useful to Associations than other client types.

What are some examples of Utility Coops using Teletownhall outreach?

Regular Meetings by Telephone Town Hall Meeting
Many COOPs switched to virtual member meetings out of necessity during the pandemic, then continued hosting live virtual meetings because of the success with these forums.  Our coop clients saw more member participation, reached members who would never attend an in-person meeting, and avoided the costs of organizing a physical annual meeting of members.

Our coop forums feature a mix of upper management, content experts and board members. Utilizing our data collecting feature, our clients have handed out large prizes to a few lucky winners, encouraging lengthy participation in the live forum. Our annual meetings for coop clients also saw scholarships delivered to members during the live forum.

The Changing Face of Utility Coops
Some utility coop Teletownhalls focus exclusively on the technological changes that affect cooperative members.  Providing accurate information is often the primary goal of Telephone Town Halls because politicians and news media often speak about energy production and distribution through a lens of bias against the industry.

Telephone Town Hall Meetings for utility coop clients start with a dialout to members ranging from a few thousand to over 50,000 outbound dials.  Members have the opportunity to hear from candidates, potentially ask questions, then vote in a board election.  TTHM typically dials a membership phone list provided by the client, but we can also create a controlled web registration page for those who need to update their contact information with the coop in advance of an event.  Because we control the dialout, only members have the option to submit questions, and vote in surveys and election polls.

Reporting details how each member voted in each poll, allowing you to further verify the veracity of results.  TTHM also provides a high-bitrate MP3 recording of the entire forum so that it can be posted online or otherwise distributed to members who could not attend the live virtual forum.

Educate Pensioners with Live Phone Forums

Pensioners often struggle to get accurate information, and to understand complex issues surrounding their benefits.  Hold a Teletownhall over the phone and web to educate retirees in a virtual environment.  You broadcast from your office, they listen live from home, and Telephone Town Hall Meeting staff manages the entire event.

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