Polling & Surveys

Teletownhall Event Real-Time Polling & Surveys

Your TTHM moderator can use the in-event polling feature to gather broad feedback, run demographic polls, or allow participants to tag themselves for ongoing outreach.

TTHM will work with you to create custom polls and surveys to incorporate into your Teletownhall event agenda. Then the moderator runs polls at prescribed times or to break up Q&A, reading the survey question and up to five voting options. Our reporting package details how each participant voted in each poll. That detail makes each poll result actionable after the forum.

How do campaigns & legislators use the polling feature?

The polling feature is useful during campaigns to tag potential volunteers, ID those interested in yard signs, and gauge support for an upcoming election.

For sitting legislators, TTHM often runs polls asking constituents to identify their area of greatest concern. We can then reveal those results and ask the legislator to speak to the priorities of the listening audience.

How do health insurance and medical providers use the polling feature?

TTHM can also run surveys asking participating members/beneficiaries to opt-in for benefits and services available to them. Reporting details votes so that reaching out to those interested in a new offering are easy to ID.

We often run a Satisfaction Survey at the end of Teletownhalls with patients to ask members if they found the forum useful, whether they would like to be contacted for future events, and whether they need additional support after the event.

How do labor unions use the polling feature?

TTHM has also facilitated virtual annual meetings where the polling feature is used to receive votes from leadership councils and local representatives. Participants can be verified by TTHM Operators in advance of the vote to ensure the validity of the voting data. Reporting details how each participant voted in each poll so that votes can be further verified and results tracked down to each vote.

Teletownhalls are also an effective organizing tool during negotiations and strike actions that can both keep members updated and ask for their feedback throughout the process. Polls for Teletownhalls focused on specific negotiations typically ask what the top bargaining item should be. Strikes and protest activities can also be organized using the survey feature by tagging those who want to join an event, those who want to join organized transportation to an event, and those who want to help organize the event itself.

How do cities, counties and government agencies use the polling feature?

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