TTHM Digital Outreach Toolbox - P2P SMS/MMS Texts, Teletownhalls, Robocalls and more

TTHM Toolbox

TTHM produces large-scale call, text and mail campaigns for a diverse array of clients.  From Telephone Town Hall Meetings to Text Alerts and direct mail to webinars, TTHM has experience managing purposeful mass-outreach.

Below you will find several suites of services.  That starts with our Teletownhall forums, continues with Add-Ons for those virtual events, and finishes with a Digital Toolbox highlighting other powerful outreach tools.

Each outreach event is customized to meet specific client goals.  We often combine technologies to reach a broader audience on behalf of our clients.

Complete Outreach

Telephone Town Hall Meeting (TTHM) employs every mass-outreach tool we can get our hands on to meet the communications needs of a diverse client base.

Our broad experience allows us to leverage a suite of powerful technologies.  TTHM creates targeted mass-outreach that leads to a legacy of interactions.

See the TTHM Toolbox section below to learn more about our mass-outreach tech.  And then Contact Us to discuss how we can leverage one or more technologies to reach your target audience.

Teletownhall Forums

Telephone Town Hall Meetings are virtual forums over the phone and web. Teletownhalls are our flagship technology, and we have worked hard to bring this powerful tool to new markets. Our talented and experienced staff provides moderation, screening and collection services for every teletownhall.

Invented for Congressional outreach, Telephone Town Hall Meetings bring a large target audience to the forum with an outbound dial.  TTHM tele-townhalls provide unique insights and moderated one-on-one engagement with a large audience identified by the client and expanded using Web Registration, P2P Texts, Web Simulcasting and Alternate Language Simulcasting.

Our professional productions have expanded the reach of Teletownhalls to school districts, healthcare providers, municipalities, transit authorities, government agencies, labor unions, advocacy associations and more.

Teletownhall Add-Ons

TTHM works to ensure that you connect with an engaged audience for each tele-townhall. We can combine Web Registration, P2P Text Alert Opt-Ins, and/or Print/Mail Pieces to develop interest in one or more events.  TTHM also creates a VIP dialing list using opt-ins from SMS/MMS text outreach and a customized web registration.

During the live tele-townhall forum we can add any of these optional enhancements:


Web Simulcast

Alternate Language Simulcast



Webinar Integration

Real-Time Polling

TTHM Digital Toolbox

The team at TTHM has decades of experience creating successful communications campaigns using outreach tools from Direct Mail to Peer-to-Peer Texting and everything in between.  We leverage multiple technologies so that we can reliably reach a broader audience for our clients.

P2P Text Alerts

Voice Broadcasts

Webinar Production

Direct Mail


Web Registration

Phone/Text/Hybrid Surveys

TTHM partners with Magellan Strategies to offer opinion surveys and research services to government clients, campaigns and membership organizations.

Contact Us to discuss utilizing multiple technologies and services into a coordinated, engaging mass-outreach initiative.

Request a Demo

Learn about our teletownhall tech or any other TTHM outreach tool in a virtual demo over the phone and web. We are always eager to learn about client goals so that we can help develop a dynamic communications campaign.