Voice Broadcasts by TTHM

High Quality Voice Broadcasting

Are voice broadcasts/robocalls still an option for mass-communications? Yes, if you do it right.

Decades of experience with this outreach method make us a great choice to conduct your robocalls. As with our teletownhalls, we manage the details so you don’t have to. From script-writing to execution – TTHM produces a quality voice broadcast every time.

Full-Service Broadcasts

Make your recordings using our virtual recording line. We edit each audio clip for quality and clarity, then test each robocall before launch to ensure a high delivery rate. If you prefer, our team can make the voice recordings on your behalf free of charge. TTHM also offers data acquisition and list appending services. If you need to source a targeted phone list or upgrade an existing outreach list, just let us know. Data can be targeted by location, demographics, census tract, etc.

Rapid Turnaround

Most of our core staff has worked in political communications at some point in their careers. So we understand that timing is everything.

If you have a robocall that needs to launch quickly, TTHM will work overtime to get it done. Our crew is on-call, especially during election season.

We are also happy to meet the urgent needs of sitting legislators, labor leaders, municipalities, school districts, transit authorities, emergency management authorities and any other clients that need to deliver an immediate message.

As a matter of policy, TTHM does not launch robocalls before 9am or after 9pm local time. Exceptions can be made for emergency voice broadcasts.

Voice Broadcast Costs

We charge 0.10¢ per 10 seconds of outbound audio for each dial.
(Ex: 0.4¢ per dial for a 40-second recording, 0.6¢ per dial for 60 seconds, etc)
Plus $100 setup for any size robocall.

Testimonials from our participants:

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