Webinar Integration &
Event Management

Voice Broadcasts and Text Alerts can be used to promote one or more participation options in advance of the virtual forum or Webcast.

Leveraging Webinars with Other Tech

Webinars defined the transition into the 2020’s in both our personal and business lives.  Love them or hate them, webinar platforms like Zoom, GoToWebinar and WebEx are here to stay.

Whether you want to add a webinar to your Teletownhall event, or produce a Webinar-Only virtual forum, TTHM stands ready to make your event production successful. We have extensive experience working on the WebEx and Zoom platforms and can utilize either option based on client preference. TTHM utilizes our experienced live event production team to set up, moderate and manage Webinars with our clients.

Webinar Integration vs. Stand-Alone Webinars

How does webinar integration work?

Those participants that you can expect to show up on-time in a more technically-advanced webinar setting can join your Webinar.  You can invite potential participants to your own Webinar, or TTHM can create a Zoom or WebEx Webinar event and provide you with invite information to distribute.

How does a stand-alone Webinar production work?

While TTHM has managed dozens of Teletownhalls integrated with Webinars, we are also happy to produce a stand-alone Zoom or WebEx Webinar for our clients.  You can promote your Webinar with a capacity of up to 1,000 attendees.  TTHM provides setup assistance, a Moderator to manage the live event, and an operations specialist to oversee the live webinar production.

Take questions from attendees, run polls for participants, and deliver dynamic visual content.  All with an experienced live event production team at your side.

Managed multi-platform virtual forums

Multi-platform events are nothing new to us. We want our clients to be able to reach a broad audience with the powerful rapid outbound dial of Teletownhalls, while also welcoming an audience of proactive and engaged participants to a webinar.

A Web Simulcast promoted with a direct web link offers an intermediary participation option that is easier to access than webinar platforms, but more dynamic than listening on the phone. The Web Simulcast is accessible via a simple URL with no event IDs or passcodes. This lightly technical option provides an easy way to promote event participation on social media on the day of the event and throughout the live production.

Webinar Add-On and Stand-Alone Managed Webinar Costs

Add a WebEx participation option to your scheduled Telephone Town Hall Meeting event for $750. That cost includes Registration and a Webinar Manager for the event.

TTHM can also host a Managed WebEx Webinar for $1250. With this option, we also provide a Moderator and platform training for featured client speakers and decision-makers. This stand-alone webinar option still includes Registration and a dedicated Webinar Manager. Featured speakers would need to connect via WebEx to accommodate the Language Transcription option for participants. Participants in stand-alone WebEx Webinars can choose transcription from 100+ languages.

How can you reach mobile phone users?

Our powers combined…

TTHM can use its professional Zoom and WebEx Webinar accounts to connect to a Facebook Live feed along with a range of other live-streaming outlet options. Have a unique live stream that you want to tie into your webinar? We love a challenge, so let us know what kind of integration completes your outreach.

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