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Accurate information delivered directly to members of the public was criticial in 2020.  Rapid information delivery will continue to be a priority as widespread vaccination takes place through 2021.

Vaccines for COVID-19 are gaining FDA approval, and the public has A LOT of questions:

  • Is the vaccine safe?
  • When will it be available?
  • Where do I get the vaccine?
  • Will it cost me anything?

Keep the public informed about what is being done at the federal, state and local levels to prioritize public health.  Using targeted mass-outreach tools, we can help you dispel myths and provide accurate information.

Telephone Town Halls can be used to safely hold public forums in a virtual format over the phone and web.

Text Alerts are a fast, effective way to deliver critical information to a large audience of mobile phone users.

Voice Broadcasts provide a tried and true method for delivering targeted messagining quickly.

Members of Congress, state agencies and municipalities continue to use these tools to engage and educate the public.  Consider adding a featured expert to your Telephone Town Hall panel to address specific concerns, review best practices, and provide the most up-to-date information available.

Adding a Spanish Simulcast helps to reach an under-served resident community.  This option allows inbound forum participants to choose a live Spanish translation of your tele-townhall event.  TTHM also offers Vietnamese, Mandarin and Cantonese Simulcast options.

Top TTHM Tools for Public Health Outreach:

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