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How does a Health Care/Medicare/Medicaid Teletownhall work?

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Telephone Town Hall Meetings have been used to onboard, educate and retain hundreds of thousands of Medicare Advantage beneficiaries. This mock event walks through a general Teletownhall production process and showcases the tools we use to manage our virtual forums.

Clients work with us to deliver accurate information to large groups of beneficiaries while giving a personal touch for individual members with questions or concerns. Our operators triage basic issues, and we offer transfers to client member support teams to ensure each member gets the help they need. Reach out for a TTHM Demo to discuss how we can customize our live virtual forums to accomplish your specific goals.

Educate Pensioners, Beneficiaries & Retirees with Live Virtual Forums

Educate Pensioners and other retired beneficiaries with teletownhall virtual forums

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