Diane – Wonder Owner

Diane Cerveny Owner of Telephone Town Hall Meeting (TTHM): Teletownhalls, P2P Texts, Zoom Integration and more

Diane Cerveny

Diane and Curt are a wonder-team, keeping TTHM organized from their mountain fortress outside of Golden, CO.  From up here in the clean, crisp Colorado air we manage an arsenal of outreach tools; from Teletownhalls to Voice Broadcasts and Automated Polls to P2P Text Alerts.

When she is not keeping our financials in order, Diane pitches in with the rest of our staff to screen questions and collect emails from participants. In fact, everybody does a little of everything at TTHM.  Sometimes we get more participation than expected and need to call in our entire core super staff to assist.  Other times we get hit hard in email collection and our moderators move staff to keep pace.

The bottom line is that each member of a super team needs to be ready to jump in and make a difference, and that’s the kind of team we have assembled at Telephone Town Hall Meeting.

Diane and Curt do take breaks from saving the world.  If the phone is forwarded from their mountain fortress, you can bet this dynamic duo is down in Margaritaville nibblin’ on sponge cake, watchin’ the sun bake.

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