SEIU/NDWA Hold Massive “Care is Essential” Tele-TownHall

by | Jan 31, 2021 | Membership

SEIU and NDWA (National Domestic Workers Alliance), held a massive tele-town hall call to highlight key issues for members.  The forum was used as a powerful call to action for members nationwide to reach out to their Representatives in Congress.

The tele-town hall call comes as Democrats won historic elections taking control of both the White House and Congress.  Opening the call was Erma, an SEIU 1107 Home Care Worker and MC for the event, who stated, “This evening we are going to discuss this incredible, historic moment we are in, and the opportunity we have to create profound change in the lives of our families, our communities and those we care for.”

Hosted by Telephone Town Hall Meeting (TTHM), the hour-long call reached out to 350,000 SEIU and NDWA members.  The event was simulcast live in 12 different languages including, English, Spanish, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Creole, Portuguese, Armenian, Russian, Tagalog, Cantonese, Nepali, Korean.

SEIU and NDWA combined to feature multiple speakers who took the opportunity to raise the importance of key issues.  The forum focused on advocating for paid time off, improved health care benefits, job training opportunities, and a call to support President Biden’s plan for quality, affordable long-term care for families and good union jobs for workers.

During the event, SEIU/NDWA took advantage of a unique feature offered by TTHM that allowed for a live poll to be conducted with call participants.  The survey allowed participants to respond by pushing a button on their phone and afforded SEIU/NDWA the opportunity to see who was “ready to be active in their national movement to lift up care workers and those we care for or who needed more information.”  Within minutes, thousands of responses had been logged, allowing SEIU/NDWA to follow up with those who opted-in for a more active role.

COVID-19 was also discussed, as the virus has had a profound impact on home health care workers.  Personal stories from members provided a detailed account of the historical importance of home health care workers, the need for urgent reform at the national level, and the impact of this pandemic.  COVID has shown us how dangerous it is to ignore long term care and home care services, in particular, as nearly 40% of COVID deaths are among nursing home residents,” offered Kendra, an SEIU member.

The call was a resounding success for SEIU and NDWA, connecting labor leaders to hundreds of thousands of members.  Leadership worked together to provide critical issue information, survey participants, offer the call in 12 languages, and encourage members to contact their representatives in Congress to urge both quantifiable change and support of Biden’s plan.

TTHM staff facilitated event moderation and membership participation in this live virtual event. For Telephone Town Hall Meeting, this was another excellent example of a client leveraging multiple outreach tools to engage a target audience with critical information and calls to action.

Whether the purpose be a call to action, critical information delivery, dynamic audience engagement, or informative Q&A, TTHM has the tools to create a successful connection.

Our team has been busy delivering critical COVID-19 vaccine information for municipalities, school districts, health care organizations and more.  Using texting, digital sign-up pages, participant surveys, multiple language simulcasts, email collection and more, TTHM provides its clients with convenient, effective, and powerful mass-communication services and tools.