Since the pandemic began, businesses, government entities, and individuals alike scrambled to keep the face-to-face connections alive in the midst of closures and restrictions on meeting in person. Telephone Town Hall Meeting rose to that challenge by introducing webinar integration to our tele townhalls. As the pandemic wanes and restrictions are lifted, meeting virtually with the ability to see and hear each other no matter our locations remains an important piece of our mass-communications offerings and is here to stay.

As a live professional call operator, I barely notice the seamless WebEx or Zoom Webinar integration on teletownhalls. Our clients, those in government, municipalities, labor unions, school districts, emergency management, advocacy organizations, coops, health care, and transit can call all their employees, constituents, citizens, members, whoever the desired audience is by phone, and if they are executive level or any other desired status, or simply available by video, they can join in on a Webinar. Everyone receives the push dial out so technical issues are avoided and all the callers have to do is answer the phone.

Some folks prefer not to be on camera and lose their shyness about asking questions live by simply having their voice answered on the phone. We can make real connections with these people and encourage them to speak live on the call, or notice when simply reading their question would be more effective, like if there is background noise or another issue around hearing them well. We also have the power to send people back into the forum in listen-only mode, if their question is completely off-topic, or they are argumentative, and we can even terminate the connection with them if they are being rude or inappropriate.

Not only is webinar integration available with add-ons like polls, email opt-ins, text alerts and in-event patch throughs, we also offer stand-alone webinar-only virtual forums with experienced and dedicated moderators and staff to ensure a smooth production for your event. Web registration pages are a free feature that builds a VIP audience for your teletownhall dialouts. We also offer a Web Simulcast option that can be available with a simple link posted to social media, or any other website. This option is more dynamic than listening on the phone and easier to access than webinar platforms.

If you have messages you’re looking to share to a mass audience, contact us for a demo of our services. You can also read our previous blogs about all we do for campaigns and to understand more about what add-ons are available to you.

mobile outreach and webcasts by TTHM

About Becca:

As a TTHM Operator since 2020, Becca has collected thousands of e-newsletter opt-ins and processed even more live questions for a myriad of telephone town hall events. Producing forums for school districts, political campaigns, medical insurance providers, labor unions, sitting legislators and cities around the country has helped Becca to gain a wealth of knowledge from client speakers and event participants. Becca works from her home office on Florida’s Gulf Coast, but she has produced live forums while working remotely from Colorado, Montana, Iowa and lots of other places in between!