Ops View: Add-Ons to Enhance Your Campaign

by | Sep 15, 2022 | Campaigns, Operator Perspective

As mentioned in our last blog, professional Operators like me keep your audience involved in the conversation and your event running smoothly from dialout to reporting. Here are some helpful add-ons that can make your telephone town halls even more successful.

Before the telephone town hall meeting takes place, sending a p2p text alert to mobile phones of potential audience members encourages them to opt-in for the outbound teletownhall dial. Many clients cannot legally dial mobile phones without an opt-in, and p2p texting is the best way to generate opt-ins while delivering other key information. These mass texting programs can also drive participants to a web registration page to sign up for your forum, register for email updates, or just learn more about what you do.  We use simple SMS texts for most of our opt-in alerts to mobile phones, but you can upgrade to MMS to deliver more content via text.

Our seamless language simulcasting services are also available for you to use to make your virtual town hall a multilingual broadcast. TTHM offers an option to simulcast in Spanish, Mandarin, Vietnamese, and many more languages so that you can engage more, typically underserved, members of your community. Multilingual Virtual Events are a great way to get more people engaged with your message, either through Zoom, or on the phone, in their native language. Your team will not need to speak or understand these other languages as we have a team of professional operators at TTHM that translate the multilingual conference for you.

We can also expand your audience by integrating a teletownhall with a webinar event. TTHM often uses webinar integration to provide a virtual participation option for attendees, but we also offer a webinar add-on if it is helpful to organize client staff presenting information or answering questions. Some of our clients assemble a “bullpen” of staff to help answer questions coming from the listening audience during moderated Q&A.  When the bullpen gets big enough, webinar integration is the easiest way to keep everyone on the same page.

Still not feeling ready for an interactive teletownhall? No worries! Voice broadcasts are another option where pre-recorded, pre-scripted messages can be quickly sent out to your targeted contact list. These robocalls are perfect for urgent and emergency messages, or for a substitute for the virtual forum option.

Reach out today for a demo on what we can offer, and check out our next blog in this series about our Capabilities for healthcare clients.

About Becca:
As a TTHM Operator since 2020, Becca has collected thousands of e-newsletter opt-ins and processed even more live questions for a myriad of telephone town hall events.  Producing forums for school districts, political campaigns, medical insurance providers, labor unions, sitting legislators and cities around the country has helped Becca to gain a wealth of knowledge from client speakers and event participants. Becca works from her home office on Florida’s Gulf Coast, but she has produced live forums while working remotely from Colorado, Montana, Iowa and lots of other places in between!