Ops View: How do Utility Cooperatives use Telephone Town Hall tech?

Utility Coop Teletownhalls and Solar Company Text Alerts by TTHM

Utility Cooperatives use our Teletownhall technology to educate members about the benefits of coop membership. Coop leadership also works to provide updates on the nuts and bolts of energy distribution, highlighting the stellar work of line crews that keep the juice flowing. Telephone Town Hall Meetings also end up being the ideal setting to answer questions or clarify misconceptions that coop members may have picked up from other sources.

We use an outbound dial to bring targeted members to the virtual forum.  Because call recipients only have to answer the phone to join, expect much higher participation rates than you see for webinars, live streams and in-person meetings. TTHM provides a seasoned Moderator and Operators to manage the entire Teletownhall event from setup to sign-off so that you can focus on delivering quality information.

Many electric coops switched to virtual member and employee meetings out of necessity during the pandemic, then continued hosting live virtual meetings because of the success with this forum format. Our cooperative clients saw more member participation, reached members who would never attend an in-person meeting, and avoided the costs of organizing a physical annual meeting of members.

Utility cooperatives typically hold quarterly Teletownhalls with their coop community to provide updates, troubleshoot common issues, gather updated contact information, and generally educate members. Other electric coop virtual forums get members up to speed on planned system upgrades, especially when changes are made to infrastructure on member properties.

Telephone Town Halls are our flagship virtual outreach production, but Text Alerts have even more uses. Cooperatives use Text Alerts to send communications via P2P Text. Using our branded MMS Text Alerts specifically, coops keep their communities up to speed with text messaging that is authentic, trustworthy, and more successful at delivering key info than email or robocall.

Telephone Town Hall Meeting can also broadcast in Spanish and other languages to bridge language gaps within your cooperative.
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About Becca:

As a TTHM Operator since 2020, Becca has collected thousands of e-newsletter opt-ins and processed even more live questions for a myriad of telephone town hall events. Producing forums for school districts, political campaigns, medical insurance providers, labor unions, sitting legislators and cities around the country has helped Becca to gain a wealth of knowledge from client speakers and event participants. Becca works from her home office on Florida’s Gulf Coast, but she has produced live forums while working remotely from Colorado, Montana, Iowa and lots of other places in between!