Rep. Barragán used similar forums in 2020 to deliver important COVID safety and testing information. The Congresswoman’s team has always employed TTHM’s “best practices”, utilizing a custom web registration page for her events to develop an ongoing opt-in list of engaged citizens. Web registrants submit more questions and listen for longer, improving the overall quality of the forum. For this call, Rep. Barragán started with an “opt-in” list of over 1,500 constituents.

  • Is there any way to get more vaccines and testing sites in our area?
  • When you are vaccinated, can you still carry the virus?
  • I’m 75 and I don’t have a vehicle, do you have a facility for walk-ups for the vaccine?
  • I’m an educator and trying to get a vaccine through my health care provider, should I look elsewhere since they’re still in phase A?

As the call progressed, TTHM worked to help drive call participants to both Rep. Barragán and Supervisor Hahn’s websites for additional information. TTHM operators interfacing with constituents were also provided with this information by the event moderator to help relay important websites and phone numbers for those in need of assistance.