Telephone Town Hall Meeting Medicare & Medicaid Beneficiary Outreach Options

by | Sep 21, 2022 | Health Care

Telephone Town Hall Meeting (TTHM) is the premier provider of virtual forum production services for outreach to Medicare & Medicaid beneficiaries. Our team has produced thousands of Teletownhall events that connect medical insurance and health care providers with patients.

Most of our events now involve a host of support services before, during and after the event to maximize positive engagements for each Teletownhall forum.

What live event options are there for a Teletownhall with Medicare/Medicaid beneficiaries?

  1. Onboard/Update Thousands of Beneficiaries in a Professionally-Managed Live Forum
  2. Outbound Dialing Brings a Larger Audience than Inbound-Only Virtual Forums
  3. Build Beneficiary Knowledge with Scripted Intros, Expand through Managed Q&A
  4. Discuss Changing/New Benefits to Improve Member Engagement & Retention
  5. TTHM Moderators and Operators have Managed Thousands of Health Care Forums
  6. Create Custom Workflows to ID Members for Retention Efforts/Advanced Support
  7. Offer Members a Spanish Simulcast Option (or Korean, Vietnamese, etc.)
  8. Offer Web Simulcast, WebEx or Zoom Participation through TTHM Webinar Integrations
  9. Offer Key-Press Transfers from the Live Teletownhall to Your Support Teams
  10. Run Real-Time Polls to Tag Members for Follow-up or Advanced Service Options
  11. Have Members Leave Voicemails During/After the Forum for Post-Event Support
  12. Extensive Event Reporting Details Participation + High Quality Event Recording
  13. Create a Custom Reporting Workflow to Facilitate Follow-up and Retain Event Data
  14. Send P2P SMS/MMS Texts to Notify Members of Upcoming Events or Benefit Options

Remember that every Telephone Town Hall Meeting production is customized and managed by a TTHM Moderator and a team of TTHM Operators. Our extensive experience creating successful outreach to Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries is unmatched.

Contact Us for a complimentary virtual demo of our production process and to discuss your goals.