Top 5 Ways Teletownhalls Retain Medicare Patients

by | Nov 10, 2021 | Health Care, TTHM Toolbox

AEP is stressful time for providers and patients alike. Consider utilizing Teletownhalls to create meaningful interaction with members as you discuss 2022 benefits and work to retain patients.


COVID-19 has made in-person meetings difficult to hold.  Telephone Town Hall Meeting offers a safe, effective, timely, and easy way to hold large interactive meetings. Many of our clients have used Teletownhalls to keep members updated with critical information through the pandemic.


Whether you want to target a specific plan group or call an entire county, we can accommodate a targeted dialing universe of any size! Events can run from 20 minutes to two hours depending on the nature of the conversation and purpose of the forum. TTHM provides enough live operators to facilitate Q&A and basic member support.

At the end of each forum, participants can leave a voicemail message to get a call back on any unanswered questions or advanced issues that may require the attention of Member Services. Team TTHM can help to transcribe and streamline the reporting process to ensure that your Member Services team can act quickly.


Our moderator and/or your featured speakers can ask participants to opt-in for ongoing outreach via email or text.  Our data collectors interact directly with participants that choose to opt-in to ensure the collected data is accurate and actionable.

TTHM Operators are also accustomed to taking substantial notes from our clients so that they can act as an extension of your Member Services team, triaging basic issues and tagging more advanced issues for followup.


The ability to provide a Simulcast in Spanish, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Cantonese and many other languages. Alternate Language Simulcasting has become one of the most valued services TTHM provides to clients, and we can even target a dialout based on language preference. Over the last eight years, Telephone Town Hall Meeting has expanded its Simulcast offerings to maximize client outreach across language boundaries.


Our moderator can use the in-event polling feature to gather broad feedback, run demographic polls, or allow participants to tag themselves for ongoing outreach.  Participants who self-select in this way for followup are tagged in our substantial reporting package. That means every event can generate instantly actionable data that can help you retain members year-to-year.

We can also set up a Live Transfer to one or more Member Services phone numbers. Those who transfer will rejoin the live forum after they have concluded their transfer interaction.

**BONUS – MANAGED BY EXPERTS (No Stress for You!!)

TTHM provides experienced moderators, screeners for questions, and data collectors for each telephone town hall.  No training staff or worries about connecting callers!  You focus on your message and we’ll handle the mechanics.

Contact US to discuss your communications goals and how our team can customize one or more events to accomplish those goals. And be sure to check out the TTHM Toolbox to find the right technology for your outreach.