Bringing Labor Together with Multi-Language Broadcasts

by | Nov 4, 2021 | Labor Union

TTHM has been proud to offer Alternate Language Simulcasting – first in Spanish and now in a dozen languages – since 2014.  We feel that our role as a mass-communication company is to find every possible avenue to connect our clients with their intended audience in a meaningful way.

Our first Spanish Simulcasts connected Members of Congress to their constituents, allowing residents of that district to hear a live translation of their Congress-member delivering important news and answering audience questions from DC.  These Simulcasts were quickly adopted by the City of Dallas, then other cities, counties, school districts, transit authorities, labor unions and advocacy organizations.

Over the last seven and a half years, labor unions have leveraged our Alternate Language Simulcasts more fully than any other client type.  Unions represent the true diversity of America, and we have been proud to connect labor leaders with members who prefer Spanish, Vietnamese, Korean, Armenian, Cantonese, Mandarin, Russian, Hmong, Arabic, Japanese and a host of other language options.

An analysis of events produced for union locals in 2021 shows that members who prefer Spanish are more than three times (3.4x) as likely to join a live virtual forum in Spanish than their English-speaking counterparts.  The same is true of those who prefer Vietnamese (3x as likely), Cantonese (2.7x) and Russian (2.5x).  Members who speak languages other than English are eager to fully participate in union activities, and we bridge that gap with Alternate Language Simulcasting.

Our Simulcasts do not require client staff to speak, read or write in any language other than English.  TTHM offers four distinct options for Simulcasting your main English-language event.  We can also produce Spanish-only forums if our client has reliable language-preference data and featured presenters capable of delivering content in Spanish.

Learn about teletownhall language Simulcast Options to determine which one(s) make the most sense for your membership.  Team TTHM prides itself on flexibility, so if you have a novel idea for how to take advantage of this powerful and unique service, please Contact Us.