Clarify COVID & Vaccine Guidelines for Your Community

by | Sep 30, 2021 | Compliance, Health Care, TTHM Toolbox

Much of the social tension surrounding COVID guidelines – from masks to distancing to closures to vaccines – resulted from a lack of adequate communication.  Now cities, counties, businesses, and entertainment entities are bracing for the rise of Delta and other COVID variants, and the need for large-scale communication has become even more urgent.

Telephone Town Hall Meeting (TTHM) has been extremely successful in helping clients communicate urgent and ongoing COVID-related information.  Public-facing entities need to explain the current situation, set expectations for the future, and detail a broader plan for the COVID pandemic.  Many of our clients feature expert guests from medical, advocacy and public policy backgrounds to clarify and accredit key information.

Individuals and communities are learning about COVID and vaccines from disparate sources.  Unify that knowledge base using structured mass-outreach like tele-town-hall virtual forums. TTHM operators can also send tens of thousands of texts to mobile users in a couple hours using our fully-compliant P2P Text Alerts.  And we still offer simple Voice Broadcasting with complimentary scripting assistance and voice recording.

Many members of your community likely feel overwhelmed by conflicting information.  TTHM can help focus your messaging for those who need to hear it most.  Providing trustworthy information and creating dialogue will become increasingly important as booster shots become available for high-risk groups.  Our mass-outreach is targeted, efficient and professionally produced.  Add a Spanish Simulcast, Webinar or Webcast to your tele-town-hall to expand your participating audience.

Over the last year and a half, Telephone Town Hall Meetings have featured a wide variety of public health experts capable of presenting brief updates and then assisting with live Q&A.  Make sure you leverage knowledgeable presenters from your own organization as well to deliver introductory information, and to help answer audience questions.

Tele-town-halls managed by TTHM always feature a moderator that manages the live, interactive forum and a full complement of operators/data collectors.  Consider reaching out for a demo of our production process where we can walk you through our capabilities and discuss your communications goals.

Pro Tip: Make sure you are using a trusted vendor for your mass-outreach.  Updated Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) rules and mobile service provider policies are combating bad actors in the virtual communications industry.  TTHM has seen this as another opportunity to show that we stand head and shoulders above our competitors.  We are always working with mobile and landline service providers to ensure that our clients’ messaging hits its mark instead of getting marked as SPAM.  Compliance is the key to delivering effective virtual outreach as you clarify COVID vaccine guidelines for your community.