STIR/SHAKEN is here… are you FCC compliant?

by | Jun 29, 2021 | Compliance

Implementing STIR/SHAKEN telecoms protocols has been a long time coming.  The FCC has been working with Voice Service Providers and Mobile/Landline Phone Carriers to develop and implement STIR/SHAKEN for years.  Is your phone outreach compliant with the new STIR/SHAKEN system?

Here at TTHM we are calling June 30th Authentication Day.  We view this new regulation as another chance to prove that compliance and caution is what sets us apart from fly-by-night telecommunication vendors.  Learn more about how we stay ahead of the compliance curve.

STIR/SHAKEN requires that calls traveling through US phone networks have their Caller ID number “signed” as legitimate by originating carriers, then validated by recipient carriers as the phone call travels to the target recipient.  Using STIR/SHAKEN, we can authenticate each phone call’s origin for each carrier involved in delivering your message.  This ensures that your messages make it through more of the increasingly dense layers of SPAM filters implemented by carriers and by individual phone users.

STIR stands for “secure telephone identity revisited” and SHAKEN stands for “signature-based handling of asserted information using tokens.”  That is some heavy language leading to new compliance requirements, but Telephone Town Hall Meeting (TTHM) already has our clients covered.

As always, TTHM will gladly do the legwork to ensure compliance and improve your call delivery rate.  We ask that each of our clients fill out our simple STIR/SHAKEN Setup Form for their Caller ID phone, then we work to create the trust token that will authenticate your outbound Voice Broadcasts and Teletownhall calls moving forward.  TTHM has already taken proactive steps to clear current client Caller IDs using this process before the rush that will follow Authentication Day on June 30th, 2021.  If your telecommunications vendor has not already created a trust token for your Caller ID, you are now officially behind the compliance curve.

Beyond STIR/SHAKEN, TTHM can also assist clients with clearing their Caller ID through the increasingly complex network of SPAM filters.  Each phone carrier implements its own SPAM database on phone calls passing through their networks, and each phone carrier uses a different SPAM list vendor to accomplish that task.  STIR/SHAKEN will ideally clear calls through most networks, but there is little oversight or coordination at present and you may need to take additional steps to micro-clear your calls through individual SPAM filters.  Telephone Town Hall Meeting stands ready to assist with a list of the SPAM service vendors used by each major carrier, and a process for micro-clearing your Caller ID through each of these most commonly used SPAM filters.

Most of our clients were already experiencing limited passthrough for their telecoms outreach when TTHM began creating STIR/SHAKEN tokens in April.  If you are getting caught in SPAM filters and your Voice Broadcast or Teletownhall provider has not addressed this urgent compliance need, it’s well past time to switch to Telephone Town Hall Meeting.  No fly-by-night crew here.  TTHM is here to stay.  We prove it every time the FCC throws a compliance curveball by knocking it out of the park. Anticipation is key for any great hitter.

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