Is Your Telephone Town Hall Provider Taking Advantage of You?

by | Mar 19, 2021 | Legislators

Tell me if this sounds familiar, “We dialed 30,000 households. We had 1800 participants at the peak of the call. We paid for 30,000 households dialed.”

Or how about, “Our pricing is based on the size of the universe dialed.”

In other words, you are being charged per the number of calls made, not number of calls successfully connected.

If so, you are grossly overpaying for your telephone town hall calls. No worries, many Congressional offices are in the same bad relationship with their teletownhall vendor.

For years, our competitors have been charging for the number of dial-outs based on your universe size. With Telephone Town Hall Meeting – you pay based on “connects”.

If you call 30,000 households, and 25,000 people receive your call – you pay for 25,000 connections. This is an especially important distinction if your dialing data is outdated or ineffective, leading to a lower connection rate. (No worries – we sell quality targeted dialing data too if you need it.)

Your overall MRA is capped. The money you have for constituent communications is limited. Every penny for a telephone town hall must represent a connection to your constituents – not how many people you dialed.

Stop throwing away your critical communications dollars. Pay for the people you reach – not the ones you missed.

TTHM looks forward to helping you maximize your communications budget. To set up a free 15-minute demo simply Contact Us.