Teletownhall Webinar Integration Adds Another Virtual Audience

by | Jun 16, 2021 | Campaigns, Elections, Health Care, Labor Union, Legislators, Membership, Municipalities, School Districts, TTHM Toolbox, Webinar Integration

Adding a webinar to a Teletownhall was no small task.  TTHM worked with the developers of the Teletownhall platform to facilitate a two-way audio connection with webinar events.  Then we created a production workflow that includes audiences from each of the broadcasts.

TTHM was already using the Zoom platform to help our Alternate Language Simulcast crews deliver translations.  Joining a webinar with a live Teletownhall event was the natural next step.  We assigned part of our Operations team to create a consistent and reliable connection between webinars and teletownhalls.

The results have already been rewarding.  TTHM can build a webinar event using our own Zoom account, or we can connect a Teletownhall to a client-managed Zoom event.  Then featured speakers can choose whether they want to broadcast through webinar video or through Teletownhall audio.  The TTHM event management team creates two-way audio that ties the events together so that all featured speakers are heard by all live participants.

We see this as another way to bring diverse audiences into the same virtual space.  Some of your more proactive participants may prefer to get onto a computer or mobile device and manually join a webinar.  Others prefer to sign up for an event and simply receive a call that joins them to a live forum automatically.  And as always, our Teletownhall dialouts also allow our clients to reach a large target audience through direct outbound dialing.

Offering a multi-platform forum ensures that our events are accessible for all audiences, no matter their level of technical proficiency.  Teletownhalls bring in participants who may lack consistent access to a computer/smartphone or a dedicated internet connection.  Web Simulcasting, Webinar Integration and Web Registration provide a broad range of digital access options to our managed events.  TTHM is dedicated to creating virtual forums that reach participants in their comfort zone.

The TTHM Toolbox is full of options, and Webinar Integration is a powerful addition.  Team TTHM never stops growing our capabilities because technology never stops growing and changing.

Learn more about our Webinar Integration service and feel free to Contact Us to discuss your audience and outreach goals.  Creating meaningful virtual connections is our business.  We’ve got the tools to make your mission a success.