Keep Your P2P Text Alerts 10DLC Compliant

by | Feb 24, 2022 | Compliance, TTHM Toolbox

At TTHM, we are always staying on top of the latest compliance updates and changes so that your messages make it through to your audience unabated. TTHM already uses STIR/SHAKEN to clear teletownhall and voice broadcast dialouts through carriers. Now 10DLC will clear Text Alert traffic using a verified 10-digit phone number vetted by mobile carriers through The Campaign Registry (TCR). This latest authentication process will help separate legitimate Text Alert campaigns from scam and spam text traffic.

10DLC stands for “10-Digit Long Code” and TTHM is ready with a method for maintaining and initiating the process to keep you P2P text compliant. If you are not already sure about how to create an effective Text Alert campaign, read our article on that here:

10DLC is one more way to separate legitimate A2P (application-to-person) and P2P (peer-to-peer) text outreach from scams and spam. There is no real difference between A2P and P2P, but the telecoms industry refers to this messaging as A2P because it had a prior definition for P2P. Here at TTHM we call them P2P Text Alerts or just Text Alerts. A2P/P2P is how we have always sent your Text Alert campaigns, and we consistently work to make sure they reach your intended audience in a timely fashion, whether your peer to peer send is an SMS or MMS text message. Here’s more about MMS in texting:

We are excited that mobile carriers have worked in concert to elevate genuine Peer-to-Peer/App-to-Person outreach texting. This protocol also allows us to ensure that each of your text messages originates from the same local 10-digit phone number. Using a single originating phone number for all your texts helps both mobile carriers and your target audience know that it’s you on the other end so that neither carrier or recipient will block or restrict your Text Alerts.

Mobile carriers responding to customer opt-outs and complaints created 10DLC to judge whether different types of traffic should be allowed to reach them based on a Trust Score. This scoring has not been clearly defined, and will likely keep evolving, so following the tips bulleted below is truly important to getting your message out unhindered. The carriers will slow, restrict, or stop entirely those messages that are not compliant with 10DLC or that run afoul of carrier Trust Scores.

This authentication process will require TTHM to register all clients through The Campaign Registry (TCR) before beginning new Text Alert campaigns. We have created custom registration forms that will allow TTHM to register your Text Alert campaign and clear client messaging through mobile carriers.

Note that political campaigns will need to additionally register with Campaign Verify once per cycle to help verify political text traffic through carriers. These campaigns still need to register their texts with The Campaign Registry before initiating outreach. Sitting legislators engaging in constituent outreach not related to an election do not need to register with Campaign Verify, only with The Campaign Registry. Our registration forms for The Campaign Registry and Campaign Verify can be found on our Compliance page.

Text campaigns that result in an overwhelming number of complaints or Do Not Contact requests could end up being limited/stopped and then additionally audited by The Campaign Registry. Find out more by reading our Fact Sheet here:

10DLC compliance continues the process of standardizing an industry in flux. Mass-texting that results in an avalanche of opt-outs can lower your Trust Score with carriers and trigger an audit of your text campaign. TTHM already works with mobile carriers to ensure a high delivery rate and avoid an audit of the P2P text and A2P text campaigns we send on behalf of our clients. No matter how hard we work on the back end, the content and timing of the messages you send will still heavily affect the success and deliverability of your mass MMS Text Alert campaign.

Here are some tips for maintaining a high P2P/A2P Trust Score:

  • Use quality targeted mobile phone data. Mobile phone numbers change at a high rate. Using quality data helps us to target accurately and leads to lower opt-out rates.
  • Ensure that your text vendor is closely managing opt-out requests. TTHM manages opt-out requests both automatically based on recipient response and manually as necessary.
  • Avoid sending texts early in the morning, late in the evening, on Sundays, or on holidays. Depending on your messaging and audience, you may want to avoid major sporting, social or entertainment events as well. Carefully consider your audience and what timing will result in the fewest opt-outs.
  • Avoid using shortened URLs. Scammers and Spammers use them heavily and that makes them toxic for legitimate outreach. Always use the native URL to drive traffic to a web page. Consider creating a landing page to facilitate major/ongoing text campaigns.
  • Avoid leading with aggressive/negative messaging. Honey is always better than vinegar in text alert campaigns.
  • Certain keywords will trigger restricted traffic or even a full audit of a text campaign. Standard SHAFT (Sex, Hate, Alcohol, Firearms, and Tobacco/MJ) protocols are applied by mobile carriers to traffic on their networks. Individual mobile carriers also cultivate their own keyword restrictions and triggers. If you need to ask whether you should be including a keyword or content, the answer is probably NO. As always, feel free to bounce ideas around with our experienced TTHM operations staff.

We hope you feel confident that your messages will freely reach your audience when you hire TTHM to send out your mass-messaging. Our thorough examination and adoption of compliance protocols like 10DLC and STIR/SHAKEN continue to separate us from our competitors, and reflect our commitment to achieving high delivery rates for all our clients.

Do your research when choosing between peer-to-peer texting platforms and services. Visit our Compliance page to learn more. If you’re still unsure about what this all means, or how we can help you, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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