Retaining Medicare Patients through ANoC and AEP

by | Aug 6, 2021 | Health Care, Text Alerts, TTHM Toolbox, Webinar Integration

The Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) can be a crush of information for Medicare recipients.  That starts with the Annual Notice of Change (ANoC) in September and continues with an avalanche of coverage options from health care service providers and sales agents.

Unpacking benefit changes delivered in legalese is difficult for many Medicare recipients.  We use live forums to explain changes and answer general member questions.  Our Teletownhall service has proven to be an effective Medicare patient retention tool leading into the annual open enrollment period. Combined with our peer-to-peer MMS/SMS text service (P2P Text Alerts), TTHM Teletownhalls can deliver detailed information to a large member audience efficiently.

Live forums cut through the clutter of AEP to help deliver detailed information to Medicare beneficiaries in a personable and engaging format.  Medical service providers use our professionally-produced Teletownhall forums both to retain current member patients as they receive ANoC letters, and to attract potential new members during AEP.  Our more established clients utilize Teletownhalls regularly throughout the year to streamline information delivery and maintain meaningful contact with members.

During a Teletownhall we dial out to a large target audience, welcome live participants with critical information, run polls to get audience feedback, and explore issues more deeply through Q&A featuring expert speakers.  Most Teletownhalls last for a single information-packed hour.  That sounds like a lot to manage – and it is – which is why TTHM provides full staffing to facilitate every live event.

Telephone Town Hall Meeting moderators and operators have extensive familiarity working with Medicare patients in our unique phone forum format.   TTHM works to engage the live audience and keep their attention with a dynamic production that is distinct amongst informational outreach.  Our operators dictate participant questions into a digital interface so that clients can decide which ones to have the moderator read live.  We can even staff additional operators to collect contact information like email addresses and mobile phone numbers to update your member outreach list.

Beyond those basic Teletownhall operator functions, we have trained our staff to give simple benefit access information.  Our moderators work with clients to develop a list of important phone numbers, websites and apps along with important information delivered during the forum that participants may not have fully understood.  TTHM operators take that packet of information and use it as-needed to interface one-on-one with patients participating in the forum.

Most members simply want to submit a question for Q&A. For those that have trouble keeping up with the pace of the forum, our team can help ensure that they still get the information they need. This takes pressure off client customer support by providing answering the most common and fundamental questions about benefits and services. Our operators can also flag members who are in serious distress, or who may be considering a coverage change.

Our groundbreaking Alternate Language Simulcasting can create the same interactive forum environment for members who speak other languages.  Our Spanish Simulcast is the most common addition, but we have trained teams of interpreters to offer simulcasts in Korean, Mandarin, Russian, Armenian, Vietnamese and others.  Each simulcast includes two interpreters delivering a live translation, and bilingual operators translating participant questions into English.

Teletownhalls are also a perfect solution for onboarding new members following AEP and throughout the year.  Giving guidance and answering the most common questions for new Medicare beneficiaries can work to retain members long-term.  Our extensive reporting package details every question asked by forum participants, and every vote in any polls run during the event.  That data can be valuable in identifying members who may need advanced support or who may be considering a service change.  It can also help clients to improve how they onboard new members, and how they interact with them over time.

TTHM often announces upcoming Teletownhall events to members using our P2P Text Alert service. A branded MMS text with a company logo followed by official information can be assembled and sent by TTHM operators a few days in advance of a given event.  That powerful texting tool can also help deliver information to Medicare recipients quickly and reliably.  Like many of the services in our TTHM Toolbox, P2P Text Alerts can be used independently or as a means to draw more participants to your live Teletownhall events.

We can even add another layer of participation to your forum by adding Webinar Integration using a service of your choosing or our large-capacity Zoom event. When using our Zoom account, webinar integration is extend to any Alternate Language Simulcasts.

Contact TTHM for a free virtual demo of our Teletownhall service, or to discuss any of our other mass-outreach tools.  TTHM prides itself on customizing our communications package to match the unique strategies and goals of each client.