WALLET PASS – The Future of Direct Communication Has Arrived

by | Jun 4, 2021 | Elections, Health Care, Labor Union, Legislators, Membership

For anyone who runs a membership organization or has an audience that requires timely and frequent communication, “Wallet Pass,” is the revolutionary new app-based solution you need to communicate effectively. 

A Digital Wallet Pass is a virtual membership card kept in a smart phone application.  It works with both Apple and Android devices.  The advantages of Wallet Pass are game-changing and the ease of use is unprecedented.

One of the best advantages of Wallet Pass: there are no spam filters or legal restrictions preventing you from delivering messages to your Wallet Pass subscribers.  Message deliveries and notifications take place entirely within the app.

Setting up Wallet Pass is literally as easy as a click of a button. Telephone Town Hall Meeting will work with you to create a custom a “Mobile Membership Card.”  We will then send a Peer-to-Peer text to your targeted list of mobile phones inviting your members/supporters to download your custom card.  All your recipient needs to do is click on the link to download the card and click “Add to Wallet.” 

Once the card is accepted into Wallet Pass, you have the ability to send real-time notifications to all passholders, or to a specified subset of passholders based on any field in the user database.  When a passholder clicks on a notification, that are taken directly to the Pass in their app.  There, they can find invitations to in-person events, critical information releases, requests to contribute to important causes and other calls to action as needed. 

The pass itself can contain text, images, links to actions/fundraising.  Given that 70% of people who add a pass to their digital wallet keep the pass for 9 months of longer, your direct line of communication is open for long periods of time.

What is truly remarkable about Wallet Pass is that currently over 266 million people in the U.S. have smart phones with the Wallet Pass app already downloaded and accepting notifications by default.  That makes Wallet Pass an easily accessible and useable communications tool. 

No more spam filters.  Unlimited communications.  Easy to install and use.  Only question left is why isn’t your organization working with Telephone Town Hall Meeting yet to design your unique Mobile Membership Card?

Learn more about how Wallet Pass is being used. And Contact Us to integrate Wallet Pass into your digital & mobile outreach strategy.